Pass Christian High accepts the Great Kindness Challenge

Pass Christian High accepts the Great Kindness Challenge

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Students at Pass Christian High School embarked on a journey called the Great Kindness Challenge with a goal to help transform the way these kids view and treat others.

Frist, they watched a video made by the kids at Springfield High School in Louisiana.

Nearly three years ago, many of the Springfield students were on the receiving end of kindness from Pass Christian students after the 2016 floods. Since they now share that bond, they’re sharing the Kindness Challenge with each other.

In theory, The Kindness Challenge is a simple dance. It urges kids to make it their habit to praise rather than pester, to impart kindness rather than criticism and to treat others with generosity and dignity. They shared this message through interpretive dance.

“We were trying to portray someone going through a hard time and someone struggling with something,” said Taylor Tinsley, a Pass Christian sophomore. “And throughout the dance, everyone came in and put the pain on me, and when they came in and put their hand print on me they were coming and making a difference in that person’s life.”

Making a positive difference is also what this challenge is about. These students said with all that they’re exposed to these days, being kind can indeed be a challenge.

"Social media is a big part of a lot of bullying. It’s a big issue now-a-days, and with the Kindness Challenge, it’s just helping people realize that they mean something, and they’re not alone in this,” Tinsley said.

The Kindness Challenge runs until Feb. 13.

“I can say that the Kindness Challenge that we do, we make sure no one is left out or the people that are looked over are there and we notice them, and that’s what I like about Pass High,” said senior Cayla Obillo. “We notice everybody, and no one is being left out.”

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