MDOT Highway 90 repaving project behind schedule

MDOT Highway 90 repaving project behind schedule

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In July, MDOT awarded a three-stage, $16 million project to put a new layer of asphalt on U.S Highway 90 from bridge to bridge in Harrison County.

It’s now months behind schedule.

“It would be awesome to be able to not have to not have to worry about going to the pot holes or jumping stuff because you feel like you’re on a dirt drive because you just hit holes and all,” said Tami Cooper. “But it’s getting smoother, and it’s getting better."

Cooper drives on Highway 90 every day to get to work as manager of Gulf Haven Campground in Gulfport. Oddly, while it hasn’t been so pleasant for her personally, business isn’t too bad.

“It’s actually picked up a lot more during the work, because I’ve had a lot of the construction people come in,” she said.

The Highway 90 project includes repairs on drainage, sidewalks and curbs. So far, MDOT said the delay is because there was more drainage work than originally anticipated.

The asphalt going east stops near downtown Gulfport at Island View Casino. It was supposed to have reached DeBuys Road some six miles east in November.

While people in east Harrison County are still waiting for the first signs of pavement, work continues in west Pass Christian on transitions and turning bays.

Unfortunately, that work hasn’t reached Mike Decell, who lives west of downtown Long Beach, where the pavement begins going west.

“It was great they came through redoing Highway 90, and it was really fast,” he said. “They came through and put down the other side there, but then they left us with these bumps.”

While it’s not a major problem, it’s a major irritation.

“Every time we leave out our street here, it’s boom, boom, boom,” Decell said. “It’s been like that for months and months. So, hopefully, they’ll get down here and straighten this all out.”

The original completion deadline was May of this year. We’ve reached out to MDOT to find out how long the project has actually been delayed and have not yet heard back.

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