Hundreds of fentanyl units seized in Hancock County

Hundreds of fentanyl units seized in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Agents of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division seized approximately 370 packaged units of pharmaceutical-grade fentanyl Thursday.

The fentanyl was located within the city of Waveland as a result of tips and information generated during the course of the investigation. It was recovered from an open wooded location that could have been easily accessed by anyone, including children playing in the area.

“It’s a lot of drugs, and we don’t need that,” said Waveland resident Janet Villarreal. “It upsets me because they found that much. What if it gets in the hands of kids at school?”

A standard medical dosage of fentanyl is approximately 50 micrograms. The amount recovered Thursday could have potentially resulted in hundreds of fatalities if sold or consumed by street drug users, either by itself or if mixed into other illicit drugs.

“This is for terminally ill patients who have a high tolerance for this type of drug," said Hancock County Sheriff’s Assistant Commander for Narcotics Bill Covington. "For someone who does not have a high tolerance, one of these packages could potentially be a lethal dose. If it’s a child, then a fraction of that, depending on their particular physical characteristics.”

The seizure took place as part of an active investigation into burglary and narcotics trafficking. The investigation is ongoing and potential suspects have been positively identified.

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