Domino’s Pizza Theater cooks up a grand opening

Domino's Pizza Theater cooks up a grand opening in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Back in 1978, the only dominoes people knew about were the ones used while playing the game. Forty years later, most associate Domino’s with pizza thanks to one location that opened in Biloxi.

Jason Khan is the general manager of the new Pass Road Biloxi location, otherwise known as the Pizza Theater. Khan has been working with the company since 1998 and said he’ll miss the old location, but only slightly.

“I’m sad to see it go, but we’ve got a beauty right here; it’s my Domino’s castle,” Khan said. “It’s actually my first home, not my second home. I’m here more than I’m at home.”

The theater comes complete with an expanded lobby, more room to maneuver and triple ovens.

“We had had two ovens at the old location. Now we have the triple stack ovens, and they’re also wider,” Khan said. “We also wrapped them in Keesler blue, because we really support our troops because we’ve been doing it a long time."

Speaking of a long time, this location has been around since 1978 when it opened as the first Domino’s in Mississippi.

Now, history gets molded into the modern world of pizza-making and delivery.

"It’s a very cool store; it’s top notch. We have some of our vendors here to help us work these cool gadgets because we don’t know how to do it,’ said John Richards, RPM Pizza COO.

It seems to be coming naturally to the pizza theater team as it cooks up lots and lots of pies.

"We have the camera system and the new make lines are great,” Khan said. “Everything to make the customer's experience better, we have it."

RPM Pizza bought that Biloxi location back in 1981. It now has more than 180 Domino’s locations in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

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