PCA Rodeo Finals roll into Biloxi this weekend

PCA Rodeo Finals roll into Biloxi this weekend

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While NFL teams like the Saints get ready to battle in the NFL playoffs this weekend, 140 of the nation’s best PCA Rodeo competitors are in their own version of the playoffs over at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi.

Bareback rider Joe Courville is gunning for a championship belt in his category.

"I'm in the mode 24-7,” Courville said. “I was runner up last year. I'm runner up right now. I intend to get it this year."

To earn that belt, Joe gets psyched up, then he mounts up and gets closer to a title, one turbulent ride at a time.

"I go to 100 and something rodeos a year,” Courville added. “Your body gets used to it, then after the first few rides you get into riding shape. It’s a real physical sport, but you know your muscles have to get used to that kind of abuse as an everyday thing.”

His first taste of action at the Coliseum came Friday morning during the children's learning rodeo.

"Everything with the kids is a bunch of fun,” he said.

The PCA Rodeo finals will continue through Sunday. You can see a full list of scheduled events here: http://pcarodeo.com/pca/pca-finals/#Schedule-top

PCA Rodeo Finals roll into Biloxi this weekend

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