Seabee Base debuts new tactical training facility

Seabee Base debuts new tactical training facility

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) -The security team at the Naval Construction Battalion Center transformed some vacant warehouse space into a law enforcement training facility. Seabee Base personnel call it a shoot-house. They said it already has use, but they’d love to have more agencies involved.

“When you encounter each and every house, the layout is never the same,” said Ensign William Clark. “This area here will allow us the opportunity to show you different scenarios and different doors you’ll have to navigate with your team and the scenario you’re presented with.”

In the shoot-house, it might look like an ordinary wall, but it could be a door to a room or an office. The idea was to make sure the team members had different scenarios during their training.

“You’ve got to kind of work your way through whatever situation might arise,” said Officer Steven Dellinger. “You make entry through areas called dead spaces, You know you have to clear them, so you have to know that the threat’s not going to be around.”

The Seabee Base team will use it, and now that the word’s out about the facility, they hope other law enforcement agencies will follow suit and suit up to train here.

“I know everyone is on different sheets of music; this is a way to kind of get everybody to work together,” Dellinger said. “We’re not trying to change how other departments operate, but we want them to understand how we operate.”

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