See how Cryotherapy is helping athletes (and others) ease sore muscles

See how Cryotherapy is helping athletes (and others) ease sore muscles

D’IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Cryotherapy is used for everything from pain management to weight loss, and top athletes say it gives them an edge. It’s a brief exposure to below freezing temperatures - way below freezing - like 220 below!

Gulfport’s hometown hero New York Yankees pitcher Jonathan Holder is a fan of the treatment. We recently caught up with him enjoying his off season at home on the coast. But even when he’s not training with the team, he’s always in training.

“I’m looking forward to getting back and giving it my best shot and working on a world series.”

And that kind of major league training often leads to sore muscles. Jonathan says one of the best ways to alleviate those aches and pains is cryotherapy.

“When I’m training hard, my muscles get sore and I come in here for cryotherapy and it knocks the soreness off and it also gives me better sleep.”

Whole body cryotherapy uses hyper cool temperatures to trigger the body’s natural healing processes. After one minute in the chamber, Jonathan already feels better.

"It's a little chilly, but I already feel rejuvenated."

Gulf Coast Cryo Manager Angela Trautman says its healing properties aren’t just for athletes. She says it reduces all kinds of inflammation and pain; and boosts metabolism.

"It was developed by the Japanese in 1978 to treat inflammatory diseases. They wanted to see if they could change the cellular structure and bring more oxygen into the cells. We have clients who come in for things like arthritis and lupus for pain relief," Trautman explained.

And since you’re dealing with subzero temperatures, the sessions are only three minutes. MMA fighter Tyler Hill says cryo has also become a key part of his training program.

“A lot of people get caught up in training and how hard you can work and diet. But recovery is the other side; how good you can recover and do it again the next day is half the battle.”

Tyler says cryo also helps him control his weight.

“In MMA, we have to weigh a certain amount. So burning calories and losing weight is definitely part of the job.”

It’s estimated that a person burns between 300 and 800 calories during one session. Trautman says you’re getting rid of toxins in the process as well.

The first session is $25. Sessions are $35 after that, but there are package deals. However, not everyone is a candidate. There are numerous safety guidelines, and it should be noted that this treatment is not approved by the FDA.

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