Gulfport students gear up for STEM-related national competition

Gulfport students gear up for STEM-related national competition

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport High School’s robotics team and health sciences and engineering students are sharing ideas for Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow contest. Gulfport is the state’s representative in the national contest where students must solve real-world problems using STEM-related ideas.

"It really challenges kids to find a problem in their community and solve it with technology, which really goes hand in hand with what we do here at Gulfport,” said Clint Brawley, GHS robotics instructor.

The goal is to use robotics and technology to help residents at the Armed Forces Retirement Home with multiple daily activities.

"In talking to the veterans, we’re seeing what the main problems are. Or they want to do something so bad, but they can’t. So we came up with something like designing a tablet, or something to hold an artist’s paintbrush,” said GHS senior Samantha Rutland.

Normally, robotics is about seasonal competitions. But In this case, team leader Katie Ayers and her squad are gearing up for a different challenge.

"I know we’ll be going to the Armed Forces Home and talking with their therapist and actual veterans and having prototypes. And as they work with those, we’ll be going back and seeing what needs to be adjusted,” said Ayers, a GHS senior.

What will help this year is that a few years ago, they faced a similar situation with this competition. Their idea was to come up with a solar vending machine, and it got them a top-10 award. That national top 10 spot earned the school a $50,000 tech package from Samsung.

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