2018: One of Gulfport’s hottest and wettest years on record

2nd wettest and 2nd warmest in the last 20 years

VIDEO: 2018 was one of Gulfport's warmest and wettest years on record

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Looking back on the year 2018, it sure was wet and hot overall.

98 degrees was the year’s hottest temperature recorded at the Gulfport airport. That temperature was actually reached three times at that site: in May, July, and September.

There were cold times too. In fact, we had extreme cold back in January when we hit 17 degrees during a pipe-bursting hard freeze.

When you average out all of 2018′s temperatures in the Gulfport area, you get about 70 degrees. That’s an average that’s warmer than normal.

Compared to the last 20 years, 2018 has been the 2nd warmest on record. The 1st place record-holder is actually last year by just a fraction of a degree.

Since the year isn’t over yet, there’s time for 2018 to reach 1st place. And we may have a good chance to do that considering how mild and warm this last day of the year is.

Also, it has been quite wet this year. We have over 74 inches of rain in the annual rain gauge for 2018, making this Gulfport’s 2nd wettest year on record,

Technically, the year isn’t quite done as of this writing. And we have rain in the forecast for the rest of Monday December 31st. But, we’d have to get plenty of rain in just one day in order to beat the 1st place record-holder which was last year with over 79 inches in 2017.

2018′s wettest day was April 14 when we recorded nearly four inches of rainfall in just one day. That’s the wettest April 14 on record for Gulfport.

The Gulfport airport is just one of several sites that collect weather records in this region. The Gulfport airport’s weather records date back to 1998.

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