Gingerbread house building workshop helps build family traditions

Gingerbread house building workshop helps build family traditions

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Building gingerbread houses is all about building family traditions. For at least eight years, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport has hosted a gingerbread house workshop. This year, despite a slight – let’s say - structural change in the process, the experience is still just as sweet.

Kathryn Ogilvie said one day she wants to be a cardiac surgeon or a lawyer. On Sunday, she was the project manager for the family gingerbread house.

“I kind of want to do a Marvel-themed gingerbread house, “ she said, “and I was thinking of maybe doing some kind of superhero symbol as a little window.”

This is her second workshop with her grandmother, Rose.

“We came last year and made a gingerbread house, and we had so much fun with it,” Rose said. “So, this year, we’re bringing the whole family."

The first year was fun, but the final product had a problem.

“Well, we were putting up one side, we thought the other side was done and that side fell,” Ogilvie said.

Her crew was one of 32 families who signed up for the workshop this year. Her project’s collapse wasn’t the only one. Justin Herring and his family weren’t successful with a project on their own.

“We tried a couple of weeks ago and it was an epic fail,” he said with a smile. “It was really bad.”

So, this year’s workshop has some changes.

“In the past, they have built their houses from the ground up,” said Executive Director Cindy DeFrances, "but we have had a couple of little issues, and families get a little frustrated when they leave, and their houses start to disintegrate.”

Nobody seems to mind the change, but it comes with cautionary instruction.

“Because we have pre-assembled their houses with hot glue,” DeFrances said, “it’s going to be hard to have the children not eat their houses before they leave.”

The houses, maybe not, but the construction materials make tasty treats.

“The kids love to eat the little snacks and candies and try to help Daddy as he builds his gingerbread house,” said four-year participant Carter Lewis.

That’s OK for his daughter, London, as long as she has a supporting role. What makes the experience so good?

“Us working together," London said.

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