Drivers prepare for safe holiday road travels

Drivers prepare for safe holiday road travels

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The bays at Take 5 Oil Change in Gulfport stay full. Once one car moves out, another moves in.

“We were normal last week, but this week, historically, has been busy, especially before Christmas. We will probably do 700 cars this week," said manager Kevin Arthur. He said that’s 100 to 200 more cars than they service in a normal week.

Terry Collins was one of the many making sure his car was in good shape on Sunday. He’s heading to Georgia next weekend to visit family for Christmas.

“I figured I get my oil changed and make sure I’m safe," Collins said.

It’s the right move. Arthur said it’s always smart to have a professional check over your car before any long road trips.

“Make sure all your fluids are right, your tire pressures are correct, and if you’re close to an oil change, and you’re doing a long travel, then yes, you want to do an oil change," he said.

Also, keep your destination in mind. If you’re heading somewhere with colder weather, you’ll need to make sure your car can handle the brutal temperatures.

“Make sure you’re coolant is protecting properly for the cold weather. Manufacturers recommend every five years or 100,000 miles having the coolant exchanged out of the radiator, and taking everything out and putting new stuff in. So if you’re close to that range, it might not protect properly if you get up north," Arthur said.

Running low on coolant, or skipping an oil change, could end up being a big headache later down the road, and possibly even cause serious engine damage.

“Get it done before you go. It’s a lot cheaper," Collins said. It’s good advice if you’re hoping for jolly travels.

AAA estimates more than a third of all Americans are expected to travel this holiday season, and 102.1 million are expected to hit the road, the most ever.

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