Biloxi High students deliver gifts just in time for Christmas

Biloxi High students deliver gifts just in time for Christmas

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some Biloxi High School students were busy Saturday morning with special deliveries. It’s called Project Present, a special project of the high school’s Campus Security Council.

Fifteen families, and more than 40 kids, will have a very Merry Christmas this year, thanks to the group.

Not all of Santa’s gifts come on a sleigh. Sometimes he has to find a different way.

And with so many gifts to deliver each year, it’s a good thing Biloxi High students stepped in to help spread the holiday cheer.

“I can’t tell ya’ll how much my family appreciates the graciousness for you all to adopt my family," said one of the gift recipients. "I am so deeply touched. I can’t tell you how gracious and thankful we all are.”

Fifteen families with trees that sat bare now have gifts because St. Nick, and the students, were there.

“I’m a new resident down here anyway. I’m from up north, so it’s a blessing, I like it. I like it. It’s the coast. That’s how they treat you. I like it," said another gift recipient.

It took a lot of hard work to make this all come to be.

“We start like around Thanksgiving, and we stay after school a lot of times, sometimes for an hour or two, almost at least a couple times a week, a lot of times. And we wrap presents and make sure everything’s sorted the right way," said student Abby Butera.

It’s all to make sure each child gets every gift they’ve wished for to fill them with glee.

“I asked for an Alexa, so I can get help with my math homework," said one child.

“We kind of tear up at every other house. To just see the children’s face light up as we give them like a great Christmas. It just makes you really happy inside, because every one deserves a Christmas," said Marissa Aguilar, president of Biloxi High Campus Security Council.

The students handled every delivery with precision and care, sometimes getting a hug in return for being an answered prayer.

“I think a lot of them don’t realize that there are other families that need a lot of help, and I think it’s an eye opener for them. So I just love like the whole process. This is just my favorite time of the year and my favorite project that campus security does," said Daisy McCarroll, assistant chief of school campus police.

Even though every toy brings joy, that’s obviously clear, there’s a big lesson to learn by each student here.

The best gifts aren’t ones from the store; it’s not one you must buy or even pay for.

“You never really know what they’re going through, and you never really know what they’re going through, so just to be able to help them just to make their lives a little better, you never know when they just needed that smile,” Aguilar said.

This is the fourth year that Biloxi High’s Campus Security Council has sponsored this project.

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