Gautier sisters worried about neighborhood, children after dog attacks horse

The horse’s owners says it’s not the first time the dog has been aggressive

Gautier sisters worried about neighborhood, children after dog attacks horse

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Two sisters are speaking out about the dog they said attacked their horse, injuring the animal so badly it had to be put down.

It happened Wednesday at a property off of Graveline Road near Granhurst Drive in the south part of town. The horse’s owners Martha Evans and Gloria Young said it was attacked by a dog.

According to Evans, she was at the house on the property earlier this week when she saw a pit bull and another dog chasing a cat. The dogs came back two days later, said Evans' sister Gloria Young. Young said she saw one of the dogs - a pit bull - attacking the horse named Slick.

“The dog was launching at him, and Slick was trying to hit him with his head but he was breathing terrible," Young said. ”Slick had his back to me, and when he turned around, you could see the blood.”

When police arrived, the dog was not there. Due to the severity of the horse’s injuries, Young asked police and animal control officers with help in putting the horse down.

“Slick was abused when we got him, and he went out abused, and that wasn’t fair to that horse at all," Young said.

The sisters said the dog has been aggressive before, but police said there have been no other dog attacks reported in the area. Evans told WLOX the same dog charged at her a week before the attack while she was outside hanging clothes up to dry.

The dog approached her at that time, growling and showing its teeth, she said, forcing her to grab a stick to protect herself until she could get inside. She said she called police, who told her to report it to animal control, which she did. However, she said animal control never showed up.

The sisters said they are not trying to demonize the pit bull breed and are only interested in finding the dogs that killed their horse. Police and animal control officers are asking anyone who may have seen the dogs to come forward.

The mostly residential area where the horse was attacked is only about 50 yards away from Gautier Middle School. The safety of the children at the school is concerning to the ladies.

“You can hear the kids in the back of the field because that’s where they play now," Evans said. "That dog could be attracted to the noise from those kids playing and attack a kid. From what he did to that horse, I’d hate to see what he’d do to a kid.”

According to the sisters, other animals have gone missing, and multiple barn cats have been found dead. The two said another house in the area had a dog and chickens that were attacked and killed by something. They believe it is the same dog.

“You’re constantly looking to see if the dogs are anywhere around you," Evans said.

Authorities are now asking for help to find the dog who attacked Slick. It is described as being a blue-nosed pit bull with a white chest. Blue-nosed pits are silver or gray in color. Police said the dog is considered dangerous and people are not advised to approach it.

If you see a dog matching that description, you are asked to immediately contact Gautier Police Department at 228-497-2486 or Jackson County Animal Control at 228-497-6350.

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