Mom of toddler attacked at daycare: ‘You can’t even put it into words...’

Dakota Hudson was injured while at Pooh and the Crew Daycare in Pascagoula

Mom of toddler attacked at daycare: ‘You can’t even put it into words...’

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It’s been nearly a week since 18-month-old Dakota Hudson was attacked while at an in-home daycare called Pooh and the Crew. His mom Latoye Sutter said her son hasn’t fully recovered.

“He’s a little withdrawn and he’s clingy. Like at home, if you go to another room, he follows you. He doesn’t just venture off like he used to by himself," Sutter told WLOX. She said Dakota was scratched in his eyes and still has to apply cream twice a day.

Sutter walked us through what happened on Dec. 6 just after 9 p.m.

“I received a text message at 9:03 stating that my son had been scratched in the face by another child," Sutter said. One minute later, and she had photos in a text message, showing the severity of Dakota’s injuries. Sutter rushed to the Pascagoula daycare, calling the Pascagoula Police Department on the way.

“When I made it to the house, she was holding my son and he had cream all over his face," she said.

Pooh and the Crew Daycare owner Tianna Fountain was holding Dakota and told Sutter she stepped away for just a few seconds.

“Next thing she knew, my son was crying and she came back over, and when she turned the light on, he was standing there covered in blood," Sutter said.

Dakota was rushed to the emergency room at Singing River Hospital. When Sutter arrived, hospital staff had already called police. A police report was filed. WLOX has put in a public records request for that report.

“They came in. They were asking questions, taking pictures and they were treating his scars," she said. “You can’t even put it into words, and the officer told me he was like, it looks like your son was mauled by an animal.”

Dakota has been attending Pooh and the Crew Daycare for about a month. Sutter heard of it through a relative and said part of the reason she chose to put Dakota there is because Fountain offered night care.

Despite this incident, Latoye called the daycare “awesome.”

“She has tables and chairs. Little cots for them to take naps on. Computers and a TV and a projector. A writing board. She has it set up really really nice in there," she said.

As for the daycare, it was shut down after being issued a cease-and-desist by health officials. Because it is an unlicensed facility, the investigation into the child’s injuries will be left up to the the Department of Human Services.

Fountain has not returned our calls as of 9 p.m. Dec. 12, 2018.

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