Long Beach Middle School chips in to help hit-and-run victim

Long Beach Middle School chips in to help hit-and-run victim

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) -The students, staff and teachers at Long Beach Middle School decided to do something fun Thursday to help a former student in need.

You may remember Julia Usprich, the 14 year old who was hit by a car Friday night on U.S. 90 in Pass Christian. Usprich used to be a student in Long Beach, and that’s why the Bearcat Nation is raising money to help her and her family in their time of need.

The students paid $1 to wear hats to school while the staff and teachers chipped in $5 each to wear jeans. All the money raised will go toward helping Usprich as she fights for her life.

“Students have a lot of rules these days: no hats, no cell phones, and stuff like that, so we used this as an opportunity to have a little fun during the day and a chance to help out one of their classmates as well,” said Tim Holland, Long Beach Middle School principal. “We had Julia and her brother here last year. Her and her brother were in the band and a big part of the school, just great kids, and just really a tough blow and were wishing her the best and just praying for her.”

Long Beach freshman Trinity LaBorde is friends with Usprich.

“Whenever we switched classes, I had band and she hand jazz, and we would stay just a little bit longer, so we could talk because we didn’t have any classes together,” LaBorde said.

Just like at the middle school, the teachers at Long Beach high also got on board with the cash for jeans fundraiser.

"I think it’s nice because she did a lot for the band. It’s nice because the middle school band is helping with her, and I think it’s really nice that the teachers are donating. Just helping one person makes everyone feel good, especially if it’s someone you know very personally,” LaBorde said.

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