Harrison County skate park tenant evicted

Harrison County skate park tenant evicted

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Facing eviction, the latest group to lease the Harrison County skate park failed to show up at Monday’s board of supervisors meeting.

At the first of the year, Harrison County entered into an agreement to lease the skate park on DeBuys Road to A&A Entertainment. The group agreed to pay $2,000 a month, plus the power bill. But the company failed to fulfill its end of the agreement.

“We gave them notice in the fall, probably six weeks ago and since then more rent has become due. The only thing he disputed was how much of the electricity bill he’d pay. We thought he was supposed to pay that bill also. He hasn’t paid his rent for the last two months and he hasn’t paid the light bill he owes, which goes back to April," said County Attorney Tim Holleman

The board voted to take severe action.

“As of today, his lease is terminated. The Parks and Recreation Department will go out and lock the building and remove him from the building. If he disputes that, we’ll take further legal action,” said Holleman.

It’s back to square one for Harrison County as they begin the search for a new tenant immediately.

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