Good Samaritan identified after stopping to help Biloxi police

Good Samaritan identified after stopping to help Biloxi police

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When police are searching for you, it’s not usually a good thing. But that’s exactly what happened when Biloxi Police put out a call to the public to try and identify a man they say is a Good Samaritan.

It didn’t take long for the Good Samaritan to be identified as Corey Griffin, a man who stopped while driving down the road to help officers who were having trouble detaining a person.

On Dec. 1, officers were trying to safely secure someone who ran into traffic on Highway 90. Police said they believe that person was doing so on purpose trying to get hit by a car. While officers tried to help the man, Griffin stopped to offer his own assistance.

“Me and my wife just left the Gulfport Christmas parade and we were driving down Highway 90 coming home and we went to make a left on Beauvoir,” said Griffin. “I saw two of the boys in blue getting into an altercation and decided to help out. A guy was giving them a hard time so I ran over there and grabbed his feet. I was in the military, I know a little bit of pressure points and what not. I put an elbow into his quad and grabbed his Achilles behind that to kind of tame him down.”

With the man restrained, police were able to take him to the hospital for a medical evaluation. Now, they plan on honoring Griffin for his courage and willingness to help.

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