Kid Rock pays off $81,000 in Walmart layaways for families

‘Santa exists’

Kid Rock pays off layaways for Nashville families

NASHVILLE (WZTV/CNN) - Musician Kid Rock is paying it forward with a huge holiday gift. He paid off layaway items for hundreds of Tennessee families.

If giving is the best part of the holiday season, the scraping by might be the toughest. People get so caught up in saving for others, someone stopping to do something for them can be a pleasant surprise.

Kenya Sanders knows the scraping by. She's a foster care worker, and she's been saving to make dreams appear under the tree.

"Well actually, your layaway is paid off, so I'm going to give you some money back," a Walmart staffer told Sanders.

Brought to tears, Sanders learned Kid Rock had paid for everything she'd put on layaway. And she wasn't alone.

"Santa exists," she said.

Kid Rock paid for every layaway at the Dickerson Pike Walmart - $81,000 in total.

"The impact that he made on these 350 families is just incredible," said Tom, a Walmart employee.

It helps make it a happy holiday for the Sanders family and 349 other households.

"I bought him a Nerf machine. And my little son, he likes 'PJ Masks,' so I bought him a 'PJ Masks' science set," Sanders said. "Children are the most important things. They are the future."

The singer gave credit to actor Tyler Perry, who recently paid off $400,000 worth of layaways in Atlanta.

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