Woolmarket family Christmas display returns after 22 year hiatus

King Family Christmas display returns to Woolmarket

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - For the first time in 22 years, the King Family Christmas display will light up Woolmarket.

After putting on the finishing touches, Lisa Krol admired the return of her family’s long lost tradition. With hundreds of decorations across acres of land, putting together a Christmas display of this scale takes year-round effort.

“It’s just been a work in progress all year, we started last year right after Christmas. As soon as the stores started with their sales we were purchasing the discounted items," she said.

It all started in 1956, a couple of years after Lisa’s parents, Marshall and Mary “Judy” King, got married.

"My mom saw a large light up nativity scene that she just had to have and dad purchased it for her. All the neighbors and all the family would drive through the yard and look at the nativity and that was everyone coming to see the King’s Christmas display.”

Piece by piece, the collection grew until it blossomed into a Woolmarket holiday staple, attracting visitors from all over the Coast. After operating for 40 years, it all came to a halt when Judy passed away in 1994 after being diagnosed with cancer.

“Our family held the display for one more year. After that dad just wasn’t up for it he just didn’t feel the same without mom being there," Lisa explained.

Reopening the display is her way of bringing the spirit of Christmas back to her neck of the woods. Lisa chuckled as she thought about all the messages from neighbors asking her when it would start.

She said, “They all tell stories about how they brought their little ones, and now their little ones have little ones, so they’ll be bringing their grandchildren and great grandchildren."

The most excited of the bunch was her father, Marshall, who couldn’t believe that the event display was coming back in full force. Though hesitant at first, he gave his daughters his approval.

“I thought they were going to buy one or two things and be done with it. Now they’ve bought up enough stuff to cover the whole county," he said with a laugh. “I think they’ve done a good job and I hope everybody enjoys it.”

He added, “It means a whole lot. It means a whole lot to me.”

The King family hopes their Christmas display will keep growing and entertain coast families for generations to come. The display will be open 6-10 PM starting Dec. 8th and running through Dec. 30th. Admission is free.

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