Rescue 5 air ambulance drops in on MGCCC EMT students

Rescue 5 air ambulance drops in on MGCCC EMT students

The Flightcare Rescue 5 air ambulance chopper made a visit to the Jefferson Davis campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Wednesday, giving EMT students a hands-on class regarding medevac procedures.

“We have an opportunity to talk with these students, these classes, high schools, and even health care personnel that really aren’t aware of the capabilities that we can do out here,” said Mark McCormick, one of Rescue 5’s two flight nurses. "Obviously, speed is our greatest asset.”

McCormick said most people don’t realize is that Rescue 5 has more than 100 medications on board along with the latest in equipment, so it’s basically a flying intensive care unit.

Rescue 5 covers most of South Mississippi.

“It’s very important, especially when it’s 2 in the morning on I-10 or one of these U.S. highways and state highways we have around here,” said Dr. Ron Morgan, MGCCC EMS director. “Being able to land this helicopter and certain safety factors the students need to be aware of so when they go out in the real world, they’ll be able to carry on as a functioning paramedic."

Taking care of patients by air is very intriguing to EMT student Mackenzie Knight, whose father was also an EMT.

"Even before I started going to school to be an EMT, I had already made decision to be a flight paramedic, because I’ve always had an affinity for flying, and I’ve always had an affinity for helping people and like I said, the emergency services,” Knight said.

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