Virginia College in Biloxi shuts its doors, surprising students

Students arrive to find Biloxi campus closed

Virginia College in Biloxi shuts its doors, surprising students

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Students at Virginia College in Biloxi are upset after arriving at school and finding the doors to the college shut. Late Wednesday morning, WLOX began receiving calls from students upset when they arrived at the campus and were told it had been closed. Many of those students say they were close to completing their programs.

A group of cosmetology students gathered in the parking lot as news began to spread. While they were talking to a WLOX reporter, the campus' director came outside and told the students to leave the parking lot. Two Biloxi police officers arrived shortly after to keep the peace, passing through the parking lot to make sure things weren’t getting out of hand.

Social media lit up Wednesday as students around the country began to post that the campuses they attend had also abruptly closed. The school previously announced its campuses would close in August 2019.

Education Corporation of America, the parent company that owns Virginia College campuses across the country, announced on its website that a large number of campuses would be closing this month but did not say what day. In September, Virginia College said 16 campuses were set to close in August 2019, including the Biloxi location. However, the school said existing students would continue to complete their programs and still be able to receive career services assistance.

“We are proud of our thousands of graduates who have entered the work force with skills they acquired at our schools along with our faculty and staff who have shown unwavering support for our students," said Dianne Worthington, a spokeswoman for Education Corporation of America. “This is not the outcome that we envisioned and is one that we recognize will have a dramatic effect on our students, employees and many partners.”

According to Education Corporation of America’s website, they will load information on their website on or around Dec. 17, 2018, about the transcription request process, recommendations on where to transfer, contact lists and a general Q&A.

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