Armed Forces Home retirees remember President George H.W. Bush

Armed Forces Home retirees remember President George H.W. Bush

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Wednesday, all eyes at the Armed Forces Retirement Home were tuned to the coverage of former President George H.W. Bush’s memorial service.

Both Dan Ellis and Don Douglass found President Bush very interesting. In fact, these retirees said it was men like Bush who led them to join the armed forces.

“President Bush was special to me in the sense that he reflects being the last president that would’ve served in military times,” said Ellis, a U.S. Army Korean War veteran. “The tie in is one of comradeship and being a veteran; he served the veterans.”

Douglass agreed, as he also served in Korea with the United States Marine Corps.

“I grew up during the Second World War, and I was enamored by men and women who chose to fight for this country, because we have the greatest country in the world,” Douglass said. “Bush was anxious to get in there and help this country at a young age, being a pilot in the Second World War. That’s great.”

Whether it was foreign dignitaries or political counterparts, Ellis and Douglass said Bush served the right way; the American way.

"He loved his country, and it was obvious he loved it, and as president, he did everything he could to help his country, and not just for himself or for his friends,” Douglass said.

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