How to protect your holiday packages from porch pirates

How to protect your holiday packages from porch pirates

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Porch pirates are out in full force this time of year, waiting to swipe those packages right off your doorstep.

“That’s just something they’re doing all the time, riding around, and looking and picking things up off the front porch. You may not even know it’s there and be in the house," said Captain Doug Adams with the Pascagoula Police Department.

Captain Adams said during the holidays, officers are assigned extra patrols to cut down on theft.

“You won’t notice the CID guys riding around in unmarked cars also, looking for the same thing," he said.

Millions of items were sold on Cyber Monday. All of those to be delivered to homes across the world. Last year, Forbes reported 31 percent of consumers surveyed reported having a package stolen. To prevent you from becoming a statistic, here’s what you can do:

“Kind of get an idea of when your UPS man, your FedEx man runs," Captain Adams said. “Talk to your next door neighbors and see if they can come pick your packages up.”

If your neighbor isn’t available, ask a family member to ride by or try to run home on your lunch break. If none of those work with your schedule:

“You see the bricks and mortar retailers are doing a buy online, pickup in store," said Matthew Shay with the National Retail Federation.

The one thing not to do, don’t leave a note on your front door telling the delivery driver where to leave your package.

Captain Adams said, “Anybody can come up and read the door. So, hey I’m not at home and please leave the package at the back door or put it on the patio to the side, all that does is tell your crook where to pick the package up when they do come, and that you’re expecting something.”

Home video surveillance has also become very popular. Thousands of homeowners are installing video cameras at their front door, and a lot of times, those catch the crooks.

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