Baseball Brothers: a Picayune family’s legacy

Braxton, Peyton and Trenton Lee continue to build impressive baseball resumes

Baseball Brothers: a Picayune family’s legacy

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - If you ask the Lee brothers, they are pretty upfront about who is better at what aspect of baseball.

Braxton, the oldest, is the hitter. His 2017 Southern League batting champion title backs up that claim.

Peyton, the middle brother, is the pitcher.

Trenton, the youngest, “probably has the (most) all-around everything.”

Put that all together, and the three brothers make up a pretty good team. Such has been the case since the early days at the Lee family household.

“They were awesome," Trenton said about the backyard baseball contests growing up. "With our cousins, everybody that came with us and played, it was competitive and you had a lot to work for. It was hard.”

The three brothers all posted standout careers at Picayune, before doing the same at Pearl River Community College.

“Our whole entire family, I was like yeah, we’re gonna play college (baseball)," Braxton said. "This is what we literally have lived for is this situation. When I first got (to Pearl River), I was like yeah, they’re gonna play there. That’s not a question.”

Braxton’s success in Poplarville set a rather high bar for his two younger brothers.

“It was a little difficult to live up to just because of what he did there and the name he put on that place for the Lee’s," Peyton said. "I enjoyed the challenge. It was definitely something that was fun.”

The path proved beneficial for all three.

At the start of his fifth season playing professional baseball, Braxton found himself on the Miami Marlins' 2018 Opening Day roster, before working through a hamstring injury and finishing the year with Triple-A New Orleans.

“I know how to handle the highest of highs now, and I’ve been lower than I was last year, performance-wise," Braxton said on experiencing such an up-and-down season. "Now that I hit it both in the same season, I know how to cope with it and handle it. I think it’s good. Everyone needs that, and I finished the season well.”

Peyton just wrapped his first season as a pitcher at Southeastern Louisiana, going 2-1 in 17 appearances with a 4.45 ERA.

“Going in, I did think (the Southland) was a little bit smaller of a conference, but after going through it and seeing what is there and what they have to offer, there’s a difference," Peyton said. "You’ve really got to bring your A-game every time.”

Trenton just signed to continue his career at West Alabama, letting him finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Not really relax, still work at everything I do, but I just know I’m going somewhere else (like) my brothers did," Trenton said. "It’s gonna be fun and exciting.”

On the rare occasions the Lee brothers all find themselves in the same room, the conversation usually turns away from baseball and back to family. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have big plans in store for their careers.

“Yadier Molina - it’s three brothers and they all were catchers in the big leagues,” Braxton said. “I mean, have you ever heard of that before?”

“I think about it all the time. Just the thought that we could possibly all play together one day, that would be really cool,” Trenton said.

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