Playing for Ole Miss a “dream come true” for two Coast athletes

Biloxi’s Kweisi Fountain and Moss Point’s KeShun Wells

Playing for Ole Miss a “dream come true” for two Coast athletes

When it comes to college football in the state of Mississippi, nothing brings out passion and school pride quite like the Egg Bowl, the annual late-season rivalry game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

“Ole Miss, we feel like we’re the flagship - we are the flagship of the state," Ole Miss defensive back Kweisi Fountain said with a smile. "So we try to make sure we give them what they’re looking for every year.”

Mississippi athletes dream of one day playing in the state’s premiere college football rivalry, and years ago, two best friends from the Coast were no different.

“KeShun and I, we met when we were at Mary Little Lamb in Moss Point, Mississippi. We went to preschool over there,” Fountain said.

Biloxi’s Kewisi Fountain and Moss Point’s KeShun Wells - two local high school athletes who dreamed of one day wearing the red and blue.

“I remember KeShun and I, we (played) NCAA 14, it was a college football (video game), you could create your own player. So KeShun and I, we’d always create our players and play for Ole Miss," Fountain reminisced. "The whole season, just playing for Ole Miss.”

Fast forward a few years, and for the two friends, virtual reality became reality.

“We were both on kickoff, I believe we were playing the University of Louisiana Monroe," Fountain said. "I said to (Wells) down on the sidelines, I was like man, we used to do this on the video game, and now we’re actually living it in real life! That’s really a blessing. KeShun and I left high school with no offers, and now we’re just blessed to be able to play for our dream school and play in the SEC.”

So now, Fountain and Wells get ready to suit up for another Egg Bowl, and will do so for another Coast native, their head coach Matt Luke.

“Dream come true, it’s definitely a dream come true," Fountain said. "You see the Golden Egg, you carry it out. It’s like, man, we’re trying to keep this here. We’re trying to keep it in Oxford. (Coach Luke) always tells us in team meetings that they remember what you do in November. All the losses you may have faced in September, October, they don’t really matter. They remember what you do in November.”

Kickoff between Ole Miss (5-6) and Mississippi State (7-4) is set for Thanksgiving Night at 6:30 p.m.

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