Coast food businesses busy for Thanksgiving rush

Coast food businesses busy for Thanksgiving rush

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The day before Thanksgiving means food businesses are steaming right along, either for those buying food to cook or those buying food they don’t have to cook.

The staff of Eat Drink Love catering in Ocean Springs will need all the to-go bags they can get.

The Thanksgiving crowd is coming in for some local favorites.

“Brussel sprouts and this cranberry/jalapeno orange jam I thought it would be something I couldn’t fix," said Susan Bankston.

“Sweet potato casserole, because everyone in my family eats it, and I don’t know how to make it," said Aimee Adair. "Lobster mac and cheese, because it’s lobster mac and cheese.”

The answer is simple: It’s simple.

“I am hosting at my house, and everybody’s bringing something, but I thought this would ease all of our burdens to bring food that I know is delicious, and it’s easy; it’s convenient,” Bankston said. “I ordered a few weeks ago, and I just happen to be here for lunch.”

It’s not just the traditional fare. Katie Hudson does the turkey. Most everything else she leaves to the caterer.

“They make little pimento sausage balls that are just different, and it’s just nice because I do have a lot of people coming - friends and family - just have a variety of different foods,” she said. “And it makes it easy and it takes the stress out for sure.”

At French Kiss Pastries, the orders are stacking up for owner Jacqueline Ladnier.

“It has been a zoo,” she said. “We are doing one cake at a time. The one I’m working on now is due in about 15 minutes. So, it’s just been one cake after the next.”

She said Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year for her Ocean Springs business.

“We’ve done lots of carrot cakes, lots of red velvet cakes, pecan pies, cheesecakes,” Ladnier said. “Lots of different things are going out today.”

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