Families shop for Christmas trees ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

Robert Anderson Christmas Trees stocks 600 trees every year

Families shop for Christmas trees ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Come Thanksgiving, many families are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

Over at Robert Anderson Christmas Trees in Biloxi, the staff said they’ll sell out by mid-December.

“People come and buy the bigger trees earlier on and then later on are more of the smaller trees. We still have the bigger trees, but they come earlier in the season because they know we’re going to run out of the bigger trees," said Brooke Anderson with Robert Anderson Christmas Trees.

There’s a tactic to finding the perfect Christmas tree. Madelynn Moran and her family scouted the lot, looking for one everyone loved. It’s hard pleasing everyone.

“I want a flocked tree," she said. “I want a sort of medium tree, like in the middle.”

Flocked trees are popular at Robert Anderson Christmas Trees.

“I’m trying to get a snow flock," said Gaige Rosetti.

“A lot of people this year are wanting more flocked trees because you don’t have to water them, and they look good with the glitter and lights on it," said John Schill. He’s been flocking trees for 19 years and is part of the family business, generations working together to deliver holiday cheer.

“We pre-wet them and then spray a flame retardant flock on it," Schill said.

Brooke said her dad Robert started this business 25 years ago,

“It’s always been a family business. We love bringing the people in and just the environment and the community, selling the trees. It’s the Christmas season, you know the happiest time of the year," Brooke said.

She said they set up this year on Nov. 14 with 600 trees all ranging in size from five feet to 12 feet. Brooke said those trees sell out fast.

Robert Anderson Christmas Trees is at Cedar Lake and Popp’s Ferry roads. Several other locations are open too so if you’re interested you may need to go ahead and get your tree.

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