Page 13: Art exhibit ‘Gulf of America’ highlights Coastal life

Page 13: Art exhibit ‘Gulf of America’ highlights Coastal life

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) -Award-winning painter Herb Willey loves the Gulf Coast region. His brilliant watercolors capture life in this unique part of the world. The library at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach is filled with art by painter Herb Willey, who is excited about having is work on display inside the library.

“It’s really a treat to be allowed in this beautiful building USM has,” Willey said.

You’ll find 60 pieces scattered on all three floors of the library. The exhibit features coastal life from Louisiana, across the Mississippi Coast, into South Alabama and over to the Florida panhandle. It’s titled “Gulf of America." He chose that for a reason.

“This is going on along our entire coast. When I said our coast, I was thinking this is the Gulf of America, not the Gulf of Mexico. It’s our coast,” Willey said.

He thought it was a catchy name. Willey traveled the area with his painting supplies and an open mind. He stumbled on real life along the way.

“I don’t look for anything. I just find things. I figured out a long time ago that if you get a prefixed idea of a painting that you’ll never find it. It’s better just to start going,” Willey said.

The show is an expanded version of Herb’s work called “Along Beach Boulevard." The artist appreciates the unique seascape found on our coast.

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