Biloxi School Board sends letter to employees about alleged improper dealings in school administration

Biloxi School Board sends letter to employees about alleged improper dealings in school administration

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - New developments have been made in the investigation into allegations of illegal and unethical activities in the Biloxi School District administration.

The school board sent a memo to administration employees detailing who should share information with the State Auditor’s office.

The memo advises that the state auditor's office will contact personnel director David Nichols directly with any and all requests for information and or documents.

The investigation began more that a month ago after a whistleblower reported allegations of improper dealings in the administration – though the board confirmed it’s cooperating with an auditor’s investigation– there have been no details about the alleged wrong doing.

The memo explains the directive against sharing information or records is to ensure information is provided using the “appropriate” district personnel.

Employees are told to notify Nichols “immediately” should they be approached for information from the State Auditor’s Office - and not to “take it upon yourself to locate or provide information.”

Logan Reeves, spokesman at the State Auditor’s Office told WLOX News Now he could not comment on any aspect of an investigation including whether the school board’s memo was shared with the State Auditor’s Office. Reeves, however, made it clear that the auditor’s office does not discourage anyone from coming forward with a complaint or issue.

This memo comes just days after a Biloxi School employee, Victoria Moon Conway, identified herself as the whistleblower inside the school district in a letter to the school board. Conway also described an atmosphere of harassment and intimidation since then.

This week’s memo to employees reminded them not to intimidate or harass one another, but it also warned any employees not following the board directive could be investigated.

WLOX News Now reached out to David Nichols at this office, but his assistant said he was not available to speak Thursday.

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