Cold Alert: First fall freeze tonight

A Freeze Warning is in effect for Thursday morning

Taylor's Wednesday 5 PM First Alert Forecast

We have had a significant cool down here in South Mississippi, and it’s about to get colder!

While our Wednesday evening has been cloudy, the cloud cover will eventually clear out of the way.

This will allow our temperatures to drop to near- or below-freezing by early Thursday morning.

A Freeze Warning is in effect for South Mississippi from Wednesday night going into Thursday morning.

By tonight, the rain will come to an end early enough such that road conditions will be dry by the time temperatures drop off into freezing later Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Areas inland or north of I-10 have the best chance of seeing temperatures drop below freezing.

Freeze Warning in effect on Thursday Morning
Freeze Warning in effect on Thursday Morning

This will be the first time this fall season that we’ll see temperatures this low.

It’s important to protect any tender plants, and to keep your pets warm. It will not be cold enough this time around to worry about pipes freezing.

However, even little bit of wind on Thursday morning is going to make it feel more like the mid 20s!

So, if you haven’t busted out the thick winter gear, you definitely want to have it by Thursday morning! By the afternoon, we’ll be much warmer with highs in the 50s.

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