Courthouse Road construction project deadline approaches

Courthouse Road construction project deadline approaches

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - With 10 days and counting, it’s the stretch run for the $5 million construction project on Courthouse Road in Gulfport.

At last report, the city and Jay Bearden Construction sent a letter to business owners saying the work will be completed by Nov. 22nd. Work was in progress Sunday and Monday as that deadline quickly approaches.

As we were filming, crews were taking a crack at fixing a consistent area of poor drainage outside of Chillville Creamery, an ice cream shop located on Courthouse Rd.

"They spend a lot of time on our corner,” said Hayley Bell.

Chillville opened last May right as crews began scooping up chunks of payment right outside the business.

“To be honest, the past two weeks, this is the most construction work that I’ve seen the whole time we’ve been opened which is kind of crazy for me,” Bell said. “I have a lot of customers who say they’d love to come by but the road’s so bad they don’t want to drive down it.”

Bell says she just wants the road crews to continue to go harder and get everything completed.

“We have our fingers crossed,” she said. “We’re really hoping it’s going to be good once it’s actually finished. It would bring so much if it would just get done on time."

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