Coast drivers applaud lower gas prices

Coast drivers applaud lower gas prices

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gas prices a looking a lot better, and it’s meant the world for people like Thomas Lindsey.

“Believe me, anybody that’s traveling that's needs gas notices the differences in the prices of gas,” he said. “A lot of people budget what they do, and gas is one of those things. So, you know, the prices of it is a major factor in that.”

According to the national motor club AAA, gasoline prices are the lowest they have been in six months at a national average of about $2.76 a gallon.

The average price in Mississippi is about $2.47, with the Coast seeing about $2.32.

Will Hays had to make a transportation transition when gas prices started to spike, and now, things are even better.

“I had a Chevy 2500,” he said. “So, me being a full-time college student, gas price is a huge deal for us. I had to trade it in to get me a Nissan Altima just to help me out on gas. Seeing the gas prices go down it definitely helps out quite a bit.”

Count Darian Billiot on the praise train for lower gas prices.

“Yeah, it’s helped out a lot. Especially since I live in Gulfport, but I work in Biloxi, so going down the interstate all the time really kills my gas,” he said. “But, it’s helping though with gas prices lower.”

While the lower prices mean a lot for those pinching pennies or balancing budgets, it’s slightly different for Coast Transit Authority.

Executive Director Kevin Coggin said that although any price cut is good, it doesn’t have much effect on the budget.

CTA is built to deal any major price fluctuations – high or low. Plus, alternative fuels and hybrid technology come into play.

“Our funding mechanism gives us a buffer on bearing the full impact of fuel prices,” Coggin said. “Hopefully, we’re going into a cycle where it will be down.”

And he thinks it will.

“The United States' ability to produce our own fuel, I think, has stabilized fuel costs and will be stable,” he said. “We’re not as susceptible to foreign events. I think the fuel is going to be stable, more stable that it has been in the past.”

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