Overnight storms rip through east Ocean Springs

Overnight storms rip through east Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) -The storm came and went in an instant. When it was over, people in the eastern part of Ocean Springs were left to clean up the big mess left behind.

Shoppers at Walmart in Ocean Springs got more than they bargained for just after 6 a.m. Windows being blown out, and the garden center turned upside down. But there was good news.

“The most important thing is we have no injuries. Thank God for that," said Stacie Sutton, store manager. "Right now, it’s just some repairs, several vehicles in the parking lot, windows have been blown out so there’s a lot of those folks assessing those damages.”

Ocean Springs Walmart damaged by storm

Some people were in their cars when the storm’s fury was unleashed.

“Just about the time I parked, something hit my side window and three of my side door windows blew in," said Cathy Bryant.

Shoppers inside the store felt some tense moments as well.

“I was getting ready to pay and we started hearing, I thought it was hail, and then the next you know somebody over the loudspeaker we all had to go the back because there was a tornado. So we all went to the back," said Lili Tosado.

In the Parktown subdivision, Halloween decorations were tossed around like tinker toys. The damage was very real, and so was the fear for Miranda Nash.

“I woke up around 6 a.m. with the wind and the rain hitting the window and that’s when the fence fell down. It was pretty scary waking up to that. Being here alone," Nash said.

Describing the storm’s impact was easy for those who went through it firsthand.

“It was whipping around, trees started falling down. The gutters came off the, the shingles were down. It was a heck of a storm, a little frightening," said Robert Townsend.

Emergency responders were quick to spring into action.

“We’re just surveying the area right now, making sure that nobody is injured, seeing what kind of damage, if there’s any roof damage or trees down and stuff like that," said Jeremy Bell with Jackson County fire services.

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