Just one more Harrison County School referendum meeting left until Election Day

It was a packed room at Lyman Elementary as leaders held another informational meeting on the...
It was a packed room at Lyman Elementary as leaders held another informational meeting on the $55 million school bond being voted on next week.(Photo source: WLOX)
Updated: Oct. 30, 2018 at 6:45 AM CDT
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HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It was a packed room at Lyman Elementary Monday night as community leaders hosted another meeting to discuss a $55 million school bond in Harrison County.

As was the case at previous meetings, residents throughout the county came with questions about the overall bond, its costs, what it entails.

Most of the questions focused on the true cost of the bond to taxpayers, why certain schools are getting additions and upgrades, and how specific demographics will change within the schools.

Over the weekend some supporters of the bond were out canvassing neighborhoods and trying spread a little more information to people who may not have been able to attend any of the meetings that have been held so far.

Actually meeting with officials face-to-face and hearing what other parents and county residents had to say was important for those attending.

“I wanted to come over here and hear the questions that were asked by some of the Gulfport residents to try to get an equal balance in my own mind before I cast my vote to find out what all is needed,” said Shannon Bicket, a Biloxi resident whose kids go to a Woolmarket school. "After hearing all of the questions and everything tonight, this bond needs to pass.”

Some people who are planning to vote against the referendum say the are doing so because it doesn't solve existing issues at some schools.

For instance, Harrison Central is slated to get a new security gate around the school but parents say old buildings, small classrooms, and leaky outdoor awnings need to be taken care of before installing a gate.

A final informational meeting will be held Thursday at D’Iberville High School. On Nov. 6, people head to the polling booth to make their officials decisions about the bond.

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