Hundreds flock to first day of 97th annual Jackson County Fair

Some say they came for the rides, other say it’s the food

Hundreds flock to first day of 97th annual Jackson County Fair

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Sunday marked day one of the 97th annual Jackson County Fair. Hundreds of people walked through the gates, looking for the Ferris wheel and a great meal.

The fair runs Oct. 21-28 at the fairgrounds located at 2902 Shortcut Road in Pascagoula. There is no entry fee, but you will need money for tickets, food and games.

“My favorite part about the fair is when we get to get on the Ferris wheel and it’s amazing!” said Kaliyah Hannah. She knows a thing or two about rides. Sunday was her first time at the Jackson County Fair, but it was certainly not her first time on a roller coaster.

“Fast rides. Slow rides are just boring!" Kaliyah said.

Fast was the theme Sunday as hundreds of little dare devils look for an adrenaline rush.

“I liked it when it spinned," Taylor Peters said of the Tornado.

“My stomach was hurting," added Rylan Peters.

Appropriately named the Tornado, it had kids spinning!

I asked Mariah Franklin what she liked most about it. She said, “That it went round and round and you could control it in the middle.”

Another favorite for the kids was the Gravitron.

“It’s like very fun and we were just like laying on the mat thing and... whew, it was just so fun," Rome Hannah said.

“It’s so much fun that you have to stick on it and then it pulls you up and down,” Jaidyn Bryant added.

If you’re looking for something a little less fast, Mariyah says you’ve got to try the sea dragon.

“It goes up and down. When it goes down, it’s very scary," Mariyah said.

Amari said the Blaze is the one to try; and he’s only here for one thing... “Just for the rides.”

Those young at heart also enjoying the cooler fair weather.

“We having fun, enjoying the kids and family," said Ladarius Hardman. “I don’t do the rides. I ain’t rode rides in 15 years, but it’s nice though. I like it.”

“I’m not too big on being way in the air. We did that last year. So we’re just going to, maybe ride down the slide,” added Miles Sanders.

“If it’s too cold then I don’t like getting on the rides. Usually I just come for the food," said Keke Evans.

“We came here to eat good. Probably get us some gumbo or something, you know," Demetrius Robison said.

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