Panama City resident watches storm impacts while staying in Biloxi

Panama City resident watches storm impacts while staying in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Many people living in the Florida panhandle headed west to ride out Hurricane Michael in South Mississippi.

When Justin Ware saw Hurricane Michael heading straight toward his Panama City home, he went into action packing up as much as he could into a moving truck.

“I was just able to throw as many valuables, like pictures and new furniture, into the truck,” said Ware. “I just threw everything in that I could before I got out yesterday.”

Ware’s girlfriend lives in Biloxi, so that’s why he headed to South Mississippi.

“I’m blessed that I didn’t have to go to a shelter where everyone else did,” Ware said. “They’re still getting hit there, so I’m very lucky to be here in Biloxi.”

Although he doesn’t know the condition of his home, Ware is expecting damage, and he received pictures from his neighbor showing damage in their condo.

“I’m on the first floor of a condo about 75 feet from the beach,” Ware said. “I imagine I’ll have at least a couple of feet of water that came into my condo. Luckily, most of the stuff is high up, except my winter clothes, and they’ll probably get destroyed. And that’s probably what I’m expecting when I get back.”

Even though Ware doesn’t know if he’ll be able to unpack his things anytime soon in Panama City, he’s anxious to get back to see what it looks like.

“I’m just hoping I can get back and salvage what’s been lost and be able to hunker down there and clean up,” he said.

Ware said he plans to go back to Panama City in the next couple of days.

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