Fall arrives, temperatures turning much cooler

Fall is finally here! It may have arrived late, but it arrived, nonetheless. A cold front passed through the area overnight and drier air filtered into South Mississippi today. The skies have been clearing and are perfectly crisp and clear now.

We have been breezy and dew point temperatures have been dropping all day. Those much lower dew points will lead to much lower temperatures tonight. It is going to be downright cool in the morning. You may want a light jacket or long sleeve for the early morning, but it will be nice and warm in the upper 70s to low 80s in the afternoon hours. So, if you’re heading out for Friday night football, don’t forget your jacket because you just might need it by the end of the game.

We can expect two cool mornings ahead. The nice, dry weather continues through Saturday. We will feel the humidity return for a couple of days, but not as high as what we have been feeling as of late. We will see slightly warmer temps Sunday and Monday, as winds will shift back to a southerly flow. But, we are tracking another cold front that should move through Monday and cool us down again Tuesday and Wednesday.

There could be a few showers associated with next week’s front, but only light rain is expected.

In the tropics, Michael about to move off the eastern seaboard into the Atlantic, continuing to race to the northeast. Leslie is still spinning in the open waters of the Atlantic, no threat to the U.S. And Nadine expected to fall apart by this weekend over the open waters of the Atlantic. There is a disturbance in the western Caribbean which only has a 30% chance for development over the next five days. It is not considered a U.S. Gulf Coast threat. Hurricane Season ends November 30th.