Is cellphone radiation as bad as it sounds?

Is cellphone radiation as bad as it sounds?
Is cellphone radiation as bad as it sounds? (Source: Leggett, Karrie)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Many of us are on our cellphones all the time. Some of us even sleep with them in our beds or next to our beds. What harm could that cause, especially since our cellphones give off a certain kind of radiation?

“They give off radio frequency radiation,” said Hattiesburg Clinic Neurologist Dr. Wendell Helveston.

Helveston said radio frequency radiation from cellphones is not the damaging radiation you may think.

“It’s in a lower spectrum of frequency than ionizing radiation, which is like x-rays or other type radiation sources,” Helveston said.

The radiation from cellphones can heat tissue slightly, but it doesn’t create tissue damage, according to Helveston.

“Radio frequency radiation does not damage the DNA of cells, therefore it’s safe to humans,” Helveston said.

With that being said, Helveston added he still would not advise anyone to sleep with their cellphones, just to be safe and it would minimize the chance to be distracted before bed. He suggested these tips just in case there is any worry about radio frequency radiation.

“If you use it on speaker mode that’s helpful, if you use an earpiece that’s helpful to reduce radio frequency heating of the tissue, but again there has never been any study to show that radio frequency radiation caused any permanent damage,” Helveston said.

Helveston also said scrolling through your cellphone before bed is very disruptive to your sleep. He said sunlight activates the brain, and the blue light from our cellphones is the equivalent of sunlight.

He said looking at your phone before bed is just like the sunlight waking up your brain, making it difficult for you to fall asleep easily.

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