Pass Christian Elementary parents get active in PE class

Pass Christian Elementary parents get active in PE class

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Moms and dads are getting a unique opportunity at Pass Christian Elementary School. The school is inviting parents to get active with their kids in P.E. class.

It has been a while since Ellison Belt and Chris Welter have been in an elementary physical education class.

“It was different. We did a lot of dodgeball back in my day," said Welter.

“We had the parachute, and that was always my favorite class, P.E. class," said Belt.

On Monday, the two fathers relived memories to get active with their kids.

“We don’t always get to exercise like we want to, but today, we did," said Welter.

“It was a lot of work, I’m sweating.”

They’re two of dozens of parents who will join their kids around the parachute or compete in an active match of rock- paper-scissors.

It is all part of Take Your Parent to P.E. Week, a national movement set up by the Active Schools program to get families moving.

“It’s recommended for 60 minutes a day outside of school, so I’m hoping parents seeing kids enjoy it in school, I’m hoping they’ll take that outside of school and do the same," said P.E. Teacher Payton Ragon. That’s a big focus for him. He also gives monthly fitness challenges for students to do at home with hopes that parents will join in.

“If it’s a family thing, I think the kids will enjoy it more, and at the same time, the parents are getting something out of it. So they’re exercising with the kids, and the kids are seeing the parents exercise so it motivates those kids to continue doing those things throughout life," he said.

The week also aims to encourage more parent involvement.

“Anything you can do to get parents more involved in the education. Whether its this or math class, obviously we all prefer this, but anything that encourages parents to get involved is a good thing," said Belt.

The school expects around 75 to 100 parents to join in on a P.E. class this week.

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