Six highway workers injured in two days

Drivers urged to be cautious in work zones
Updated: Sep. 20, 2018 at 12:39 AM CDT
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Six highway workers have been hit while working on Mississippi highways in the last two days.

Monday a produce truck ran into the back of a MDOT pick up on Highway 49 in Florence. Three workers were treated for injuries.

Three MDOT workers were injured on Highway 49 in Florence Monday. (SOURCE: WLBT)
Three MDOT workers were injured on Highway 49 in Florence Monday. (SOURCE: WLBT)

Two contract workers were injured near Hattiesburg and remain in a hospital. A third worker was injured in the Jackson Metro area.

The Executive Director for the Mississippi Department of Transportation through Twitter is reminding drivers to slow down and move over when you see crews on the road.

Jason Scott, Public Information Manager for MDOT said, “We’re just asking give yourself a few more minutes. Get up five, ten minutes early to make sure that you don’t have to speed. Text messages they can wait. It’s not, you know, it is not that important to answer a text message while you are driving,” said MDOT Public Information Manager Jason Scott. "Their main job is to make Mississippi’s roads and bridges safe for the traveling public. They’re out there, they put their lives and safety on the line each and every day.”

Scott says it’s important for drivers to dedicate full attention to the roadways and avoid distractions like radios, cell phones, and eating behind the wheel.

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