Popp’s Ferry extension causing concern for residents in path of planned road

Connecting Popp’s Ferry Road to Highway 90 is closer to becoming a reality

Popp’s Ferry extension causing concern for residents in path of planned road

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Popp’s Ferry Road and Pass Road is one of the busiest intersections in Biloxi. City leaders are expecting even more traffic to pass through the intersection when the Popp’s Ferry Road extension is completed.

“We believe this is going to be a huge economic boost to the West Biloxi area where traffic is sort of tied up there,” said Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard.

To pave the way for the extension the city will have to acquire some homes in the Oakmont neighborhood off Highway 90. “I’m happy for Biloxi, but I’m sad for myself,” said resident Wilburn Maddox. Maddox lives on Oakmont and he owns two rental properties on the street.

While his house will be left, the two rental homes are in the path of the Popp’s Ferry extension and will be acquired for the project. “It’s turned my retirement plans upside down,” said Maddox.

According to Leonard, eight homes currently occupied on Oakmont will need to be acquired.

“Those properties that we’ll need to build the road all the way through the Coliseum property and onto the beach are being surveyed,” Leonard said. “All of those properties are being surveyed and appraisers are working to come up with appraisals for the land value after that there will be offers made and land will be acquired.”

Part of the plan includes adding an entrance to the Coliseum off of the Popp’s Ferry extension splitting the Oakmont Neighborhood.

Even though Maddox is disappointed he’s hopeful for the best. “There’s no point in making a big issue out of it,” Maddox said. “Progress has to go on, it’s just our bad luck to be in this part of progress and maybe my property will increase in value someday.”

The plan calls for road construction to start in 2020.

A public meeting with city officials will be held on September 26th at the Donal Snyder Center starting at 6:30 p.m. to address citizen’s concerns.

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