Gulfport church sends more than just supplies to flood victims

Gulfport church sends more than just supplies to flood victims

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The phrase “pay it forward” means one good deed inspires another.

First Baptist Church of Gulfport is collecting supplies and sending volunteers to flood ravaged North Carolina.

After Katrina, a group called North Carolina Baptist Men came to the coast on a mission to rebuild lives. Now, with floodwaters devastating North Carolina, First Baptist Church of Gulfport is returning the favor.

Supplies are being collected and a group of volunteers will head to the flood zone. It’s all about giving back.

“Many of us were lost without direction. The love and support that came from groups like North Carolina Baptist Men to help support us and lift us up, rebuild our lives was so vital to our recovery. Now, there are others in need, brothers and sisters are in need now in the aftermath of hurricane Florence,” said Volunteer Coordinator Jamie Bates..

People in hurricane prone areas have a common purpose to help thy neighbor. For the people on the coast dropping off supplies bound for North Carolina, it’s all about caring and sharing.

“To restore people to a normal life is the gift that God wants us to do. That’s what the brotherhood of love is about,” said Bobby Spade who was dropping off supplies..

First Baptist is filling this trailer with necessities and will train volunteers on Saturday. The North Carolina Men made a tremendous difference when they came to South Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina.

“From my understanding there were more than 30,000 volunteers who came over two and a half years after Katrina. They invested more than 5 million dollars in labor and materials they brought. Some of them quit jobs and left their homes and families behind to become part of our community and rebuild our lives,” Bates said.

Carolyn Castanedo felt compelled to bring supplies. “So many people helped us during Katrina and so I felt that we needed to give back,” she said.

First Baptist will be collecting supplies until Sunday. They will have a volunteer training session Saturday morning at the church at 9 am.

Volunteers will be going to the city of Wallace, North Carolina.

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