Beating the September heat in South Mississippi

Beating the September heat in South Mississippi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Until we get a taste of fall weather, the heat is still on in South Mississippi.

Whether you’re a police officer working a funeral, a construction crew or a group of demonstrators outside the VA, the name of the game is staying cool.

"I grew up down here on the Gulf Coast, so I'm figuring 95, 97, but not a hundred and something,” said David Bonner. “We always make sure we have umbrellas, tents, water, charged cell phones, just to cover all of our bases."

The group demonstrating got some help from Devin Wade and Sylvia Washington, who spent the day traveling the Coast and handing out water to anyone outside.

It’s about meeting the needs of the community,” Wade said. “A lot of people are walking and it’s hot outside, and if it’s hot outside, I’m going to give them some water. That’s what Jesus did, he met the needs of the community.”

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