Stone High students give voice to their writing

Stone High students give voice to their writing

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - English students at Stone County High School took a writing project to a whole new level. They used their voices and broadcast their stories to the whole state.

About 40 students, for the first time, participated in the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute’s Rural Voices Radio. The segment aired on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

“I was nervous, but it was definitely a fun experience,” said junior Sidney Fairley. “And I’m really glad I could take part in it.”

“It was an awesome experience. I thought it was really special. Not everybody gets to do it,” added junior Karley Brooks.

The project was made possible through a grant by the Environmental Protection Agency and coordinated by English teacher Terry Westling.

At its core, this is a writing project and a public speaking project. But it’s also a lesson in the environment - even changing the perspective of some of the students.

“At first, I wasn’t really aware of the situation, but we had a lady from the EPA come and talked to us about different things that are affecting the environment,” said junior Kate Chandler. “And that just really helped me decided what I wanted to do.”

That EPA representative, Jeanne Allen, made presentations to students in August.

“It’s actually making us more aware, and we talk about it and changing some of our lives. And that’s the whole reason behind the project is to get the citizens of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to make a change and protect our environment,” Westling said.

It’s awakened the activist side for Karley.

“I feel like we should hold each other accountable and try to pick up and be responsible how we go about leaving our trash everywhere and make sure we throw stuff away.”

One story a day will be aired on MPB, 90.3 FM, from 3:28 to 3:30 p.m.

A date for the series to begin has not yet been determined.

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