New developments in store for Point Cadet

However, before anything is done, funding will have to be established.

New developments in store for Biloxi's Point Cadet

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After two days of public meetings, a clearer vision of what the future holds for Point Cadet in Biloxi is now unfolding.

The meetings were hosted by The Waterfront Center, a nonprofit organization based in Washington. That group has been involved in waterfront developments around the world.

Point Cadet has sat dormant and empty since Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the area 13 years ago. City officials want to see some type of development happen to bring more people back to enjoy the spectacular views.

Ann Breen with The Waterfront Center has one main recommendation that someone on the city staff should concentrate on Point Cadet on a full-time basis.

Mayor FoFo Gilich wants to start off small and then gradually build bigger and better things. By small, he means a walking path around the entire Point and possibly some piers.

Andi Oustalet, one of the community members who attended the two days of meetings, suggested getting the public involved as well. In order to raise money, she says benches, walkways, and even gazebos could be sold for sponsorship. That would at least get something off the ground rather quickly.

However, before anything is done, funding will have to be established. That money could come from the BP oil spill damage fund, the Restore Act and even money from the tidelands fund. In any event, it will probably be several months before any progress can be seen at the Point. But at least, this is a start.

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