Moss Point High students learn life skills through Talent Development Lab

Ribbon-cutting ceremony held to launch the school’s new addition

Moss Point High students learn life skills through Talent Development Lab

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Students at Moss Point High School will soon be learning trade skills along with life skills thanks to a partnership with Ingalls.

Today, ribbon-cutting ceremonies were held at the four-thousand square foot Talent Development Lab which features top-line equipment along with student training aids.

The goal is to not only develop superior craftsmen, but also to help students learn how to make a quick transition into the workforce.

"A big percentage of our workforce comes from Moss Point, and what better place to start training and preparing our workforce, a workforce for the community, than our high school.” said Brian Cuccias, Ingalls Shipbuilding president.

What's interesting about the Talent Development Lab is that the students not only get labor intensive skills, but they also learn life skills through mentorships with corporate sponsors.

"Ingalls is providing our instructor with a mentor,” said Dr. Shannon Vincent-Raymond, Moss Point Schools superintendent. “That mentor is a long-time Ingalls employee. So, while the students are learning an actual skill, they're also learning the expectations of getting to work on time, dressing appropriately and having your safety gear."

Students they hope will someday be leaders at work and in the community.

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