New Development Coming To D'Iberville

A rapidly growing commercial area of the coast will soon be growing again. The Super-Wal Mart in D'Iberville will have some new neighbors next year. Dr. Bharat Sangani, whose development company owns the land, says movie fans should be happy to hear the news.

"You will come down Mallett Road and turn into a new area that will be called 'Cinema Drive,'" said Patrick Barber with Encore Enterprises.

Cinema Drive will take you to a 14 screen stadium seating megaplex theater with a $12 million price tag. But that's not the only thing coming to the location.

"As you know, the theater is always associated with a dinner and a movie, so obviously, it will bring some dinner places." Developer Dr. Bharat Sangani said.

Sangani eventually hopes to have at least seven restaurants leasing space around the theater.

"I cannot reveal all the names, but we're in negotiations with high class restaurants and you will be very surprised at what we are offering the coast community," Sangani said.

Dr. Sangani has even set his sights on the elusive Target Store chain. He won't say much, but did tell us he has talked to Target executives, and believes he can eventually convince Target to come to the coast.

"If we can bring more revenue for them, instead of going to place X, Y, or Z, wherever it is, why would they not come here?"

Dr. Sangani hopes to have the theater open for business by this time next year. He will also donate 25 acres near the planned theater for a city park.