Volunteers 'speed build' new home for Moss Point Katrina victim

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Building a house 14 feet off the ground in just week may seem like an unbelievable task. But 60 volunteers from across America are proving the speed build can be done.

"They do it on TV, so why can't we do it? Everybody has hands and abilities," Joe West said.

By this weekend, they hope to have Marvin Miller out of the temporary housing he's lived in since Hurricane Katrina.

Anthony Harris came from South Dakota to work on the house.

"The first three days, I have put in over 50 hours on this house," Harris said.

North Carolina Volunteer Charlie Andrews looks at the project differently.

"It is kind of crazy. I built my own house and I am still not finished after two years, so building a house in a week is crazy," Andrews said.

The volunteers agree the purpose of the project is so much greater than the task.  Katrina was such a destructive storm, they feel it's important to help those still struggling to get a roof over their head three and a half years later.

"I think the whole testimony of doing something for someone else, and serving, and giving back is actually more of a benefit for us who are a part of this job, than the guy that is getting the house," Harris said.

"It is going to be one less burden he has to deal with it," said Andrews about the homeowner.

Finishing the build means one more storm victim will finally have a real home.

Homeowner Marvin Miller is not allowed to see his new house until the dedication on Saturday. The volunteer group is working with Lutheran Episcopal Service in Mississippi.

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