Voters Ready For Tuesday's Election

Kelli Bosserman works at the Palace Cafe in downtown Gulfport. To her, the menu for Tuesday's election isn't very appetizing.

"All this dirty mudslinging on the TV," Bosserman said, "I just don't like that at all."

The cafe waitress said the judicial ads won't prevent her from voting. They just haven't helped her decide who's qualified to serve.

"I just have to go with what I feel in my heart tomorrow and vote that way," she said. "It may be a wrong vote, but it's just what I feel is the best way to vote."

At a nearby gym, Keith East said the supreme court race had his attention. Like the cafe waitress, East has been a bit uncomfortable with some of the negative campaigning.

"Not really angry. Disappointed a little maybe, but not really angry," East said.

A few machines away from East was Jim Dutton. Dutton compared his reason to vote to his workout. Sweat, pain, and an uphill climb.

"For me it's the flag controversy," Dutton said. "I don't agree with the county commissioners on displaying the confederate battle flag."

Dutton wasn't sure if his flag stance had enough momentum to win Tuesday's race.

"I guess it would depend on the turnout," he said.

In Harrison County, the flag vote is supposed to bolster turnout. Candidates will find out if that's the case on Tuesday, when they see just how many feet walk up to polling places.