Moss Point Schools seek ideas from senior citizens

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - "We have to start engaging our young people and making them understand they have a responsibility, and that responsibly is to get an education."

Moss Point School Superintendent Kim Staley wants senior citizens to get involved in the lives of children. He believes they have a great deal of knowledge to pass on.

"They have a lot of expertise in character building, a lot of expertise in different crafts," Staley said.

Betty Payne said pulling her peers on board to encourage kids to stay in school and get an education is a smart idea.

"There are so many seniors who are willing to volunteer here if they knew where to volunteer," Payne said.

But with the statewide dropout rate among the worst in the country, community member Barbara Nelson thinks more needs to be done inside the classroom.

"We need those teachers. By them receiving more training, keeping ahead of the game so to speak, this will help our children know what is ahead of them," Nelson said.

Nelson said technology training is also a plus in schools.

"Our children need to know how to deal with different technology issues, Moss Point is on top of it."

"Technology has played an important part in the school system, but sometimes technology hinders a child because it tells them what they need to know," Roscoe Cox said.

Cox's advice is a little simpler.

"I think discipline played important in the school district as compared to now, because the teacher was in complete control of the classroom."

Those involved in the program say they hope the seniors' wisdom will help push the school district to the next level in education.

"It has to be that continued cycle of assessment," Superintendent Staley said.

Staley said the school district has started different educational programs and upgraded its technology to help students improve test scores and grades. He said he'd like to see more parent participation.

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